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History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the best-loved casino games among millions of players all over the world. Gamblers have always lined up to play the wheel game in brick-and-mortar gambling houses. With the Internet boost, players don’t need to drive miles to take a spin. Today, we all may play Roulette in a casino online 24/7 from the comfort of our places.

Roulette originates from France in the 17th century. The eminent French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the first prototype of the Roulette wheel. His perpetual motion machine gave way to the creation of the present-day wheel layout.

Online Casino Roulette Rules

Rules for online Roulette are pretty simple. It’s one of the reasons for its enormous popularity among other online casino table games. Amateurs should start with grasping how the Roulette table and Roulette wheel look like. The wheel consists of 37 pockets in the European variant and 38 pockets in the American version. Numbers are colored in red and black, except for the green color for zero.

The player’s main goal at the online casino Roulette game is to do the correct prediction. You should guess where the ball will land. Bets in online Roulette are divided into inside and outside. Inside bets relate to number spots and cover sets of several numbers. Outside bets are stakes on the color (red/black), even/odd, and high/low numbers.

Players use chips of different nominals to place stakes. Outside stakes are less risky and have better winning odds, but Roulette payout in an online casino will be modest. Inside wagers pay more generously, though it’s more complicated to hit a win.

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