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VIP club!

Every Katsubet player can reach a special VIP Status in our casino, from a noble Samurai to a strong Shogun and wise Emperor.
Every time you play for real money, you earn Points (Ps).
The more Ps you get, the higher your status is.
Different statuses give various additional awards when you go to the upper level. Check them in your personal Katsubet account.

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  • Level 1
    Jade Talisman

    On the 1st level you will get Welcome Pack

  • Level 2

    The 2d level with 50 Free Spins in Brave Viking game, BGaming

  • Level 3

    The 3d level with 75 Free Spins in Brave Viking game, BGaming

  • Level 4

    The 4th level with 100 Free Spins in Brave Viking game, BGaming

  • Level 5

    The 5th level with $20 cash

  • Level 6

    The 6th level with $50 cash

  • Level 7

    The 7th level with $100 cash

  • Level 8

    The 8th level with $300 cash

VIP Program Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Points (Ps) is a special VIP reward given for spinning any game playing in real money mode and bitcoins.
  • 2. Each player is qualified to get 1 Ps for each bet in real money mode placed: 1 EUR / 1.1 USD/ 0.000019 BTC/ 1.53 CAD/ 12.00 NOK/ 1.82 AUD/ 125.80 JPY / 85 RUB/ 5 PLN/ 30 CZK/ 2 NZD/ 0.00054 ETH/ 0.0016 BCH/ 0.0045 LTC/ 3 DOG/ 1 USDT.
  • 3. All Casino Gamblers are assigned one out of eight VIP statuses. The gambler’s status changes when the required number of earned Ps is achieved.
  • 4. The weekend reward is an appreciation for playing at KatsuBet Casino during the weekend from Thursday to Saturday. The bonus subjects to 50x times for VIP 2 levels, 40x - VIP 3, 30x - VIP 4, 15x - VIP 5, 10x - VIP 6, 5x - VIP 7, 3x -VIP 8 of wagering before the VIP reward can be withdrawn.
  • 5. Min deposit values for last 3 days per currency should be greater than: 0.00038 BTC/ 20 EUR/ 20 USD/ 35 AUD/ 30 CAD/ 220 NOK/ 1640 RUB/ 90 PLN/ 2500 JPY/ 545 CZK/ 35 NZD/ 0.011 ETH/ 0.032 BCH/ 0.09 LTC/ 60 DOG/ 20 USDT.
  • 6. VIP reward will be added to players' accounts every Sunday until 12:00 p.m (UTC time) if the above-mentioned terms were met.
  • 7. The maximum winnings that will be paid out resulting from VIP weekly cash will equal the bonus amount multiplied by 10.
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